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Blue Man Red State--Film Promotion
by Karen Pecota

…Called “America’s Mayor” by Filmmaker Michael Moore
“America’s Newest Folk Hero” by The Nation Magazine
A “Kook” by Fox Network’s Bill O’Reilly
The People of Utah just call him “Rocky.” …

No matter what you call him, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is one of the most progressive, yet controversial leaders in America. Blue Man/Red State follows charismatic Mayor Rocky Anderson in his last year of office with verite fashion. In the reddest state of the country, Rocky, a former civil rights attorney, leads through example. As Rocky targets issues locally, he believes “local” can no longer be isolated from world events.

Rocky’s wry sense of humor keeps the weight of the world off his shoulders. His leadership brings diverse groups together to get things done and his character makes the perfect centerpiece for film Blue Man/Red State to represent solid leadership in tumultuous times.

Written and directed by filmmaker Rhea Gavry along with Cameraman Douglas Monroe together they create a feature length documentary for theatrical and broadcast release to play like a drama that packs the punch of reality and then offers hope through action. For more information go to: