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Vaiana (Moana)

Vaiana, the 16-year old heroine of this magical Disney tale, learned from a very early age that no one is to go outside the reef of her home island. The chief of the islanders, Vaiana’s father, is very strict about this rule. Yet, the adventurous girl, who has always been drawn to the water, has her own very special relationship with the ocean and refuses to accept her father’s wishes.

When her people are in grave danger she has no choice but to set for a journey out to the ocean to find their only hope to save her home: semi-god Maui. Maui (Dawyne Johson) with his massive Ego turns out to be a more difficult travel partner than Vaiana had hoped for. Soon enough though, they will realize that only with helping and trusting each other, will they be able to get through this most exciting, and dangerous journey and find what they are each seeking for.

Heart touching characters, lovely songs and a story that will make you overthink your own ways as well, let this movie stand in line with all the great Disney classics we love so much. (Karen Eve Malinowski O’Shaughnessy)


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