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Punchcard Player--Film Review
by Karen Pecota

Director, Michael Picarella, uses his new Indie film, Punchcard Player to portray the value of a positive role model in child’s formative years. A child’s need for love and attention is key to their development as an adult. Tim Perroni (Brian Napolitan) celebrates his high school graduation with classmates and their families in a full party fashion. His parents praise him for his accomplishments thus far and their hope for his bright future. His father (Al Liner) asks him to make him proud and advises Tim, to be just a little bit smarter than the other guy, to be a success. While flirting with the airhead waitress (Diane Franklin), he invites his under aged son to partake in a glass of pricy spirits and enjoy a fine Cuban cigar to make merry. Tim’s mother (Shirley Bennett), disgusted at her husband’s negative role model, encourages Tim to use his talents to pursue his dreams. She believes that his intelligence will assist him to make wise decisions for a stable future. Five years later, Tim is consumed with the pursuit of his American Dream. His acquired college debt coupled with his addiction to overspend has forced him to hold several part-time jobs to make ends meet. The schedule of each job turns his world into a living hell. He is just about to loose everything that ever mattered to him when he lands his dream job.