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Film Review: Dave Made a Maze
by Karen Pecota

Directed by Bill Watterson and written by Steven Sears & Bill Watterson Dave Made a Maze shows off the two filmmakers’ artistic engineering with the use of real people, paper, cinematography and music. Watterson notes that their handmade fantasy world features the in-camera effects of puppetry, stop motion animation, and optical illusions. Watterson and Sears successfully create an engaging story worth putting on film for all to see the impact of a creative work of art.


Dave's (Nick Thrune) lifetime wish is to make a difference in the world. Dave is in a place in his life where he needs a diversion. He is intrigued with puzzles and Labyrinth type games. He feels the urge to build something that will be significant and cool. While his girlfriend, Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhani) is out of town for the weekend, their apartment is all his for 72 hours. Dave decides to use his weekend alone wisely. He gathers old cardboard and begins to make a maze.

Dave builds for hours taking up the whole space of the apartment. His friends come over and delight in his accomplishments. Out of pure enthusiasm each friend enters the maze. His creative engineering ability is impressive but once he begins to hear his friends calling for help because they cannot find their way out, Dave's weekend project turns creepy. The cries for help beckon Dave to do what he can to rescue his friends in need: Dave enters the maze.

For every person who enters the maze, it grows a little bigger. The maze takes on a life of its own as it devours more and more human flesh to keep alive. Those trapped inside the maze now fear for their lives.

Annie arrives home. She is frightened to hear about how Dave and their friends are trapped in his maze. She is the groups only hope for escape and must figure out how to cut to the heart of the flesh-eating maze that holds each friend captive.