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International Film Section: Every Man is an Island #2
by Shelly Schoeneshoefer

EM BUSCA DA TERRA SEM MALES (In Search of the Land without Evil)
Anna Azevedo, Brazil 2017

The film opens in paradise which lies on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. It is a community that has been built on an abandon piece of property owned by a Spanish company. During the booming economy this land was supposed to be built as a resort but now is the home of the Guarani, a nomadic tribe that normally moves from place to place. Azevedo focuses mostly on the children; how they laugh and move like free spirits in the landscape. But this ideal place has elements that are slowly putting pressure and creating change even in the smallest ways such as the television and play stations. Azevedo told us that she first decided to make this film because she was upset with what was happening with the government in Brazil and says, “It looks like worldwide we have many crazy politicians, who are running the country.” She was amazed that this group of people, the Guarani, could exist in such a place that is full of evil and corruption and somehow remained untouched. For her, they represent a paradise that can exit. I was amazed that she made a film with people who are speaking their native tongue and she had no idea what they were saying. She did say that they speak Portuguese and often work as actors when Native people are needed. It is clear her film will be an historical account in case they disappear but wouldn’t it be interesting if she could use this film to save them from harm’s way.