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by Kathryn Loggins

A film by Jordan Ross

Thumper is a gut-wrenching story about a group of teenagers, living in a low-income neighborhood, who get lured into dealing drugs. When a young girl named Kat – beautifully portrayed by young Australian actor Eliza Taylor – throws herself into the mix and tries to get on the inside of the drug dealings, the consequences are severe. Jordan Ross was able to get beautifully nuanced performances from his cast, especially his other young Australian actor, Daniel Webber. Webber plays Beaver, a young man who is genuinely trying to do what’s best, but gets pushed to his limits by the world around him.

The film was shot in the inner cities of Los Angeles and Jordan Ross found this to be extremely important to telling his story in an authentic manner. In his statement he believes his film “takes a raw, real look at the world of drugs and the moral ambiguity involved with trying to provide for your family by any means necessary – even if that means breaking the law and putting the lives of others in danger.” Ross’ visuals are in fact extremely visceral and serve the story perfectly. The film is dark and intense in the way that it explores the ambiguous nature of real life and how doing something right doesn’t always mean doing something good.