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Blues Planet: Triptych
by Karen Pecota

Wyland, a famous marine life artist has changed the way people think about our environment by painting life-size whales on the sides of buildings since the 1980s. Wyland wrote, directed and produced his latest project called Blues Planet: Triptych.

The word triptych in his title project refers to a set of three associated artistic, literary or musical works intended to be appreciated together. Wyland's unqiue marine life paintings, sculptures and photography have inspired a younger generation of the importance of marine life conservation. Wyland's name has become associated with the awareness of environmental conservation making it his mission to engage people thru nature-themed art for the sake of preservation.

As an artist, scuba diver, educator, and explorer Wyland's non-profit foundation has been on a mission to actively educate in practical ways since 1993. Wyland's foundation sets the standard for environmental outreach, teaching millions of students around the world to become caring, informed stewards of our oceans, rivers, lakes estuaries and wetlands.

Wyland takes extra strides to support a more environmentally friendly life-style that has formed collaborations with the United States Olympic Team, United Nation Environment Program, U.S. EPA, and Walt Disney Studios, to name a few.

Since the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill that had such a devastating impact on thousands of people, Wyland observed that it drastically affected the Eco-balance of the area's wildlife habitats. Wyland was deeply affected by the destruction and wanted to use his art to make a difference. Instead of his normal medium of paints and brushes he said, "I channeled my response into music." He took to heart his response and wrote sixty blues songs in honor of New Orleans, being at the heart of the disaster, as well as, the home of the blues.

Wyland's film Blues Planet:Triptych follows the journey of his sixty songs and how each one tells a story about our environment. The interpretation of environmental disaster and its aftermath came to light when Wyland gathered some of the best blues musicians in the world in New Orleans at Piety Street Recording Studios for the project. The Wyland Blues Planet Band was formed identifying their sound as "Global Blues" emphasizing passion for environmental conservation and the blues sound of Memphis, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Delta.

Honored to be presenting his film with the TriBeCa 2017 film audience, Wyland brought down the house with the surprise performance of the original cast of musicians sharing their passionate stories in Blues Planet: Triptych.