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Get ready for next year’s new activity: The Great 2018 Kino Tour
by Shelly Schoeneshoefer

For next year I am organizing a visit to a different cinema each month in Hamburg. I will try to research some history about that particular cinema, then see a good film and have a drink afterwards. Good times with Kino friends! I anticipate visits as follows:

January: Holi
February: Abaton
March: Alabama
April: Schanzen Kino 73
May: Metropolis
June: B-Movie
July: Koralle
August: Studio
September: Magazine
October: 3001 Kino
November: Zeise
December: Savoy

This list doesn’t even include Passage, Blankeneser Kino or the various Cinemax and UCI cinemas which are located at different places. It is amazing to me just how many cinemas are here in Hamburg!