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Jane (Kkum-eui Jae-in)
by Mary Nyiri

Cho Hyun-hoon, South Korea

So-hyun is a runaway and while hanging out on the street, she is taken in by a transgender woman called Jane. Jane takes care of several other young adults. They consider themselves a family. She also knows So-hyun’s friend Jungho, whom So-hyun would very much like to find. The family hangs out together, sharing money and food. Jane sings in a nightclub. She is not well, however, and passes away. With Jane gone, the film loses what little life it had. Jane’s kids are left to fend for themselves. For some inexplicable reason, no one actually likes So-hyun. She is left on her own to find a new group. She gets mixed up with people who don’t treat her very well and one of them dies. The rambling story perhaps provides a glimpse into what it can be like for young people on their own with no life direction.