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by Pat Frickey

Berlinale Jury President Tom Tykwer charmed his already adulating audience for ninety minutes in an interview headlining the Berlinale Talents section dubbedSecrets”. Interviewer Peter Cowie, a renowned British film historian and author of more than thirty books on film, adroitly let Tykwer paint a casual almost self-ironic portrait of himself while deftly elaborating on his uniquely collaborative skill in making films. Tykwer boasted that his success lies in socially integrating all the artists. He especially likes to work on films as part of a threesome, and more than once explained if there is any disagreement all is easily settled with a 2 to 1 vote.

Tykwer traced his modest beginnings as a simple film projectionist in Berlin having been turned down by all the film schools he’d ever applied for. He and theater manager Stefan Arndt used to stay up all night watching films and putting them in one of three categories: Zombie, Bambi, or Gandhi. Once they started making films together everything changed. Tykwer reveled in telling his tales of one bankruptcy and one near bankruptcy only to be bailed out by their first successful film Run Lola Run.

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