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by Becky Tan

Many thanks to Geysa Wiemann, who set up a connection with a friend of hers: Alexandra Gramatke, the Executive Director of the KurzFilmAgentur. Geysa reminded us that this was a rare opportunity to discuss marketing short films with an insider expert, which it definitely was. (BT)

My favorite film was the winner in the Three-Minute category: NULL KOMMA SIEBEN. Two mothers celebrate with a bottle of wine, while, unnoticed, their two children also find alcohol and drink it. There is a surprise ending, when one mom drives home under the influence and is stopped by the police. The topic for all films under the Three-minute Quickie category was “Scandal.” This film proves that so much can be shown and inferred in a very short time, something which directors of feature films need to think about more often. AND we could laugh, also something which we should experience more often in the film world. AND I understood it! Yippee!