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by Marinell Haegelin

May 2018 had the hottest temperatures on record in Germany since the country began record taking 141-years ago. (MH)

Screenings I attended started on time. Considering some filmgoers want to see another program in a different, and somewhat distant cinema that’s good policy. (MH)

This year’s festival theme was a stretch. If the Lumière brothers’ Train Pulling into a Station (1896) panicked people, imagine how audiences felt about many of this year’s film selections. Because, if audiences don’t “get it” then you ain’t got it. (MH)

A film-savvy friend decided to stop by the new festival center on the Saturday night. He wrote, “I really liked it. I think it’s a very nice location with lots of potential.” Ditto that! (MH)

Unhappily, one presenter neglected her duty, and audience. A filmmaker was present, and instead of moderating a discussion, she focused on having a conversation. Until, she was signaled the next film needed to roll; both filmgoers and the filmmaker lost out. (MH)

This year the IKFF staff was super challenged – decking out a ginormous building for the first time with the clock ticking. Starting early June 1, furnishings, technical equipment, cooking space, lighting, et al, were setup… tick-tock. Deadline June 5, when the party would kick-off following the opening ceremony… tick-tock. Leaving ShortFilmMarket rooms Sunday afternoon (June 10), the helpful, friendly staff told me although repacking computers, screens and gear took time, it was nothing compared to what other teams faced repacking. (MH)