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Homeless: The Soundtrack
by Karen Pecota

..."When all you have is music a song can bring you home" ~ I.T.Brodsky

Filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky, notorious for documenting stories from the heart and full of compassion for the living here on earth meets famed musician "Cami" otherwise known as Jenni Alpert. In Homeless: The Soundtrack, Brodsky follows Jenni in search for her birth father and a telling discovery regarding her innate musical talent.

As a baby, Jenni was taken away from her parents, Don and Mary Lou, by the state and put in foster care until she was adopted into a loving family with musical interests. Jenni was drawn to the piano. She gradually develops a musical passion that actually seemed to come naturally. Attending UCLA on a full-ride scholarship in music, Jenni took her learned skill to the streets and beyond. Traveling from Los Angeles to Nashville to Europe she was never out of work as an accomplished songwriter and performer.

Curious as to her ancestry she hired a private investigator to find her birth father, Don Logsdon. It's at this crossroad where Brodsky begins to showcase a fascinating tale of a musician’s life renewed. Jenni finds her father. He is living twenty miles away from her, outside on a dog run next to a crack house. After a shocking introduction, the father and daughter get reacquainted and begin to make up for lost time. Brodsky says, "For Don this means getting off the streets, off drugs and parole." She continues, "For Jenni, their days together bring musical inspiration, humor and a father's love."

Brodsky's short-film is an endearing narrative learning about a chance of a lifetime for both father and daughter to grab ahold of new possibilities. Brodsky comments about Homeless: The Soundtrack, "Part music-documentary, part love story about two people adrift, Cami and Don may not always see life the same, but their music eventually brings them home to each other."

Piano and guitar improvisations performed live throughout the film are by Jenni Alpert & Don Logsdon.