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Love, Gilda
by Karen Pecota

The Emmy and Grammy award- winning comedian Gilda Radner is celebrated in the documentary Love,Gilda from first time filmmaker Lisa D'Apolito in support and collaboration with the Gilda Radner Estate. A trailblazer for women in comedy, Gilda's autobiography shares her story, in her own words and in her own voice. D'Apolito uses audiotapes, family home movies, diary entries and interviews with friends, colleagues and those who are forever grateful to them for her inspiration. Gilda's impact on the entertainment industry has endured for almost four decades.

Gilda was one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live (SNL) from 1975-1980. The creation of her famed characters of Roseanne Roseannadanna, Emily Litella and Lisa Loopner went beyond SNL to inspire younger generations of comedy on television, movies and Broadway. A legacy she could have never imagined.

D'Apolito shares, "I fell in love with Gilda Radner while doing pro bono work at Gilda's Club, the cancer support organization Gene Wilder founded in honor of Gilda, in Greenwich Village where I grew up." She continues, "This started my journey to discover who Gilda was as a person and as a performer. Gilda inspired me and many other women with her remarkable spirit and unique talent that changed the world of comedy."

Working with the Radner estate, D'Apolito was allowed entrance to a treasure trove of information that support Gilda's remarkable talent to bring joy to others. D'Apolito found a collection of diaries and personal audio video tapes documenting her childhood, her comedy career, her relationships and ultimately her struggles with cancer. These treasures are the back bone of the story revealed in Love, Gilda.

Jane Rosenthal, Co-founder and CEO of the TriBeCa Film Festival was delighted to present the film on opening night of the 2018 festival to commemorate not only Gilda's remarkable story but to emphasize that it's people like Gilda who inspire and make way for women's voices to be heard. Rosenthal says, "Gilda Radner was a powerful comedic force of nature who opened the door and thrilled audiences while becoming one of the most prolific comedians of a generation. Her cutting edge humor was only second to her dedicated leadership in cancer care with her eponymous Gilda's Club."

Paula Weinstein, EVP of TriBeCa Enterprises says, "Gilda is a woman for the ages, an extraordinary talent in film, television and theater." Adding, "Gilda overcame her personal struggles to make us laugh, to make us cry. She understood the healing power of laughter not simply for her audience but in her own life." Weinstein continues, "She lead the way for us to make the world a better place."