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Song of Back & Neck
by Karen Pecota

Writer, producer and actor of the tv series The Office, Paul Lieberstein writes, directs and stars in his first feature film SONG OF BACK AND NECK. The inspiration for his narrative came from a personal journey and a self-discovery from twenty years of suffering back pain. His wife suggested he read the book, "Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection from author, Dr. John E. Sharon, M.D.

Lieberstein discovered that his suffering wasn't as much his physical as it was psychological and tied to his suppression of anger. Lieberstein says of his surprise discovery, "The experience was so significant that it inspired the movie--in spite of the narrative taking its own weird direction to become something very different."


Forty-something Fred Trollycar (Paul Lieberstein) rarely gets through the day without falling to the ground with crippling back and neck pain. A 25-year paralegal in his father's law firm whom no one takes seriously until something remarkable happens.

Regan (Rosemarie DeWitt) comes into the office looking for a divorce lawyer and while in the initial consultation meeting with the office team, she notices Fred is in horrific back pain. Regan throws him a business card and suggests he visit her Acupuncturist. He lets her know he's only interested in help from traditional medicine and politely says thanks but no thanks.

Regan also suggests he read Dr. John Sarnos' book on Healing Back Pain. Not interested he goes on his merry, painful way.

Fred receives the news from a highly recommended Dr. Street (Paul Feig) that his back and neck issues are so complicated he's literally untreatable. Anger and disappointment pushes Fred to seek the "quacky" alternative means for his pain relief on the recommendation of Regan.

Acupuncturist, Dr. Kuhang (Raymond Ma) discovers that Fred has a unique talent. The first needle Dr. Kuhang places begins to vibrate and make sound. The more needles placed in his back, the more remarkably strange the sound like a song. Fred is unaware of this phenomenon because he's only concerned with pain relief. He is overjoyed and has to tell Regan the news. The two connect over their chronic pain but as the two spend more time together, Fred questions whether his issues stem from a psychological rather than physical state.

The romantic comedy SONG OF BACK AND NECK explores the effects of long-term relationships to people and situations that hinder us from confronting negative experiences that stunt personal growth, in a funny way.