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Encounter with SIFF publicist, Megan Bernovich
by Karen Pecota

I had the privilege of working with Megan during the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) specifically on a few occasions that proved to be some of my most memorable festival moments.

The first encounter with Megan was via an email contact setting up a time to interview the director of the documentary Lest We Forget. While waiting for the interview to take place (the room was occupied by another journalist and filmmakers finishing up their interview), I had a chance to chit-chat with Megan about her involvement with SIFF, how she got started, what she does as a SIFF publicist and how this might propel her into the Industry for the future.

The second festival moment was during my conversation with Megan waiting for the room to be available. In the hallway, the filmmakers from Kifaru were exiting the interview room and stopped to greet Megan and thank her for the time she had invested and all the help she provided them adding an array of personal pleasantries. I was standing with her with my press badge visible and I think they all thought I was with her as part of the festival staff. I did not lead on differently...:) However, I did not know who they were but as they walked away, I inquired. Megan said they were from the film Kifaru and that they were a delight to work with and their film received resounding applause in all showings. I said, "Oh wow...I thought that film was so well done." She asked if I'd like to meet them and added, "Oh, would you want to get a photo with them?" I said, "Sure!" So, we ran after the group and caught them just before they got in the elevator. Pleased that we cared, they were happy to take photographs with us. While jetting off to their next meeting, they thanked us for our interest and support of the film. It was so fun. I felt like a little kid in a candy store gleefully holding a piece of my favorite candy. It was a sweet moment.

The third festival moment was the interview with Luigi Toscano, documentarian, for his film Lest We Forget. Megan, Luigi, myself and two interpreters enjoyed a delightful conversation about his journey making the documentary speaking together both in English and German. It was absolutely one the highlights of my involvement with SIFF 2019. I will treasure my time at this festival for a long time.