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All Myn Loving
by Karen Pecota

Described by German filmmaker Edward Berger and co-writer, Nele Mueller-Stoefen, of the narrative in their latest project All My Loving, is a hymn of praise to the modern family. Though a hymn not meant in the religious context, the two share this thought, "It's a song or poem in which we often lose sleep at night but it surprises us with unforgettable moments."

A drama about three middle-age siblings, Stefan Hoffman (Lars Eidinger), Julia Hoffman (Nele Mueller-Stoefen) and Tobias Hoffman (Hans Loew) each in their own right try to live their lives to bring about a desired happiness each know is missing.

Tobias, the youngest of his siblings, married with children, is urged by Stefan and Julia to return to their hometown to care for their ill-stricken father because they can't be bothered. Stefan, a successful airline pilot and playboy is hit with the fact he has to give up his job due to a hearing loss. Julia and her husband are in marriage crisis. Tobias is married to his long-time sweetheart and successful business woman sharing three wonderful children but he has always put the other's interests over his own. Tobias is now aware that his parents can no longer live on their own and is forced to face his own demons while tending to his parents needs.

Tobias shares with Stefan and Julia the grave situation with their parents and calls for a family meeting where an intervention is necessary. The three siblings must join forces to make decisions that will not only affect their parents but it will alter each siblings life-style. Is this the change each sibling is hoping where their lives will begin anew? Time will tell in the midst of the chaos, mistakes and insecurities surrounding Stefan, Julia and Tobias as to what choices will be made to achieve their piece of happiness.