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by Karen Pecota

The award winning German filmmaker, Thomas Stuber is thrilled to have adapted Clemens Meyer's short story "IN THE AISLES" onto the big screen under the same name. Stuber's desire to develop a storyline where one man's lonely lifestyle is curtailed by the regularity of his hard-working job on the night shift at a wholesale market comes to fruition with IN THE AISLES.

Christian (Franz Rogowski) is hired on the night shift at a wholesale market to stock the warehouse shelves.  Christian is an introvert and knows nothing about being a stock clerk. The colleague from the beverage department, Bruno (Peter Kurth), is keenly aware of Christian's insecurities. Bruno understands what it's like to be the new kid with no experience so he willingly teaches Christian what the job expects of him. One skill necessary is to drive a fork lift. Christian must learn how to operate it perfectly and does so only with Bruno's guidance and patience in order to see him succeed.

It is in the aisles where Christian meets his colleagues and one in particular named, Marion (Sandra Hueller). Christian is immediately taken by her beauty and strange charm. Over time the two get to know each other at the coffee machine in the break-room. Like a concerned father-figure, Bruno warns Christian that Marion's husband would not approve if he found out about their special friendship. Bruno mentions this not necessarily for the sake of Christian experiencing a broken heart but for the sake and protection of Marion's physical well-being.

Christian slowly begins to understand just how tight the relationships are among his new colleagues. He admires their devotion to each other. It's a community he knows he needs to combat his loneliness and takes every opportunity to be the best worker possible. This attitude soon earns him a significant place among the night shift group.

It's within this community that Christian understands the value of the human connection. It is through these special relationships Christian receives far more than he's able to give.