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Episodic Category:- Chemo Brain
by Karen Pecota

Danish filmmaker Kristian Håskjold showcases his made-for-television mini-series in the Sundance Film Festival Episodic category with Chemo Brain. The storyline is taken from a real-life situation he was personally privy. Håskjold uses a very serious illness of a young patient, who must be hospitalized and brings to light the bravery one has to deal with the gravity of the situation with a wonderful sense of humor.

A delightfully entertaining concept, Håskjold takes his audience on a clever emotional roller coaster ride observing a once happy-go-lucky student suddenly faced with a dramatic life altering situation.


Optimistic twenty-eight-year old, Oliver (Adam IId Rohweder) is confident that his life is headed in the right direction as he enjoys his studies, his friends and especially his new girlfriend, Signe (Stephanie Nguyen). Known as the life-of-the-party buddy, Oliver begins to slow down due to a reoccurring severe back pain. He ignores if for a while until the concerns of his best friend Emil (Mads Reuther) urges him to see a doctor. On a whim he heads to the hospital.

Oliver is caught off guard with the message that his back pain is the result of testicular cancer. The good news is that the cancer is only in one side. The bad news is that he is admitted into the hospital immediately to start the treatments. Oliver has no time to tell anyone and is thrust into hospital living not knowing for how long. No one knows where he is, and he is not well enough to tell anyone his circumstances not to mention being hospitalized for a rather embarrassing positioning of the cancer.

Surprise discoveries take place when Oliver meets another cancer patient, Eva (Karoline Brygmann) hospitalized for a different type of the disease. Connected by location and the process of chemotherapy to beat their cancer, the two form a challenging bond of friendship. Oliver is forced to think about how his new circumstances will change his life. The mental and emotional process he must now engage will challenge his destiny. Is change for Oliver possible? Will he be able to live a better life or have a better outcome from the cancer than expected? Will he be one of the lucky ones to beat his cancer?

Unlikely distractions come from Emil, Oliver's father, Farvel (Jens Jorn Spottag), other cancer patients and Eva to lighten Oliver's burden and help him avoid the pitfalls of despair.