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On the Road
by Karen Pecota

The third documentary from filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, On the Record is part of a trilogy to shed light on the systemic-violence and rape culture within iconic American institutions. The personal stories they have been given privilege to feature have helped give rise to the #MeToo movement and goes beyond the isolated he-said, she-said narrative.

Kirby and Ziering's investigative journalism and findings on sexual harassment inside renowned American institutions shook them to the core. Their groundbreaking films on sexual assault in the military, The Invisible War and sexual assault on college campuses, The Hunting Ground, gave them entrance into yet another world where sexual assault has flourished for decades.

Kirby and Ziering showcase interviews with prominent black women to bring-to-light powerful insights and the unique struggles the African-American female faces dealing with sexual violence in a society plagued by racism and discrimination.

In the 1990s, Drew Dixon rose to acclaim as a brilliant young producer in the music industry with Def Jam Records. Her love for music, the support of the artists and the energy the industry provided was a world she desired to emulate in order to make it a better place for future generations--to raise the bar for higher standards of excellence. Unfortunately, she was cut to the quick several times in the midst of a shocking world of sexual harassment and misogyny. Dixon was diligent in her fight to stand-up to the abuse until she was raped by her boss and mentor. It takes two decades before Dixon is able to address the devastation and betrayal. Dixon goes On the Record to tell her story that paves the way for several other women to be open and transparent on their dealings with the same man, in the same culture. Her courage and influence are now force to reckon with but always at a cost.

Kirby and Ziering describe Dixon's story as, "A searing examination of one woman's decision to go public."