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Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made
by Karen Pecota

Disney Studios presents their latest feature narrative Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made based on the book by Stephan Pastis. The screenplay is written by Pastis in collaboration with the director Tom McCarthy and the two bring to light an endearing tale of a young detective with a big imagination.

Filmmaker Tom McCarthy says, "Disney hasn't made a film like this in quite a while. It is part independent, part classical, and it breaks some rules and presents a character that we haven't seen represented before." Producer Jim Whitaker explains, "The central message of Timmy Failure is to be true to who you are. No matter how unique you are, how different you are, be true to who you are."

There is a lot of humor Pastis incorporates into Timmy's detective journey that allows adults to embrace the narrative as much as kids. Pastis shares, "Timmy is a special kid. He's really kind of lost in his own head, but that head is pretty magnificent." He continues, "He has grand ideas and he's very imaginative and creative. His escape from the world is really that—dipping into his own head. He can survive any situation by disappearing inward."


Timmy Failure is a nerdy, deadpan 5th grader from Portland who along with his constant 1,500-pound companion and business partner, Total the polar bear, together run the detective agency, Total Failure, Inc. Their detective work is anything but smooth though Timmy dreams that his agency will be the best in the world.

Timmy knows he's a unique kid that often feels like an outsider among his peers but his confidence and naïveté encourages his aspirations to one day be a leader in the world of espionage. Timmy does not allow his differences to get in his way of success.

Though in the process of navigating a world where he is surrounded mostly with adults that don't really understand him he does question why it is so. Timmy tries hard to be what others deem as a normal kid but knows deep down inside that he is different.

Along with his sidekick Total, in the search for normalcy, the two detectives get into lots of trouble with his mother Patty (Ophelia Lovibond), her well-meaning boyfriend, Crispin (Kyle Bornheimer), his teacher and nemesis, Mr. Crocus (Wallace Shawn) and his school guidance counselor,, Mr. Jenkins (Craig Robinson) because Timmy Failure knows mistakes were made.