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by Nancy Tilitz

Ken Loach spoke at length about the topic of his new film, SORRY WE MISSED YOU, the changing nature of work and its repercussions on British society. “14 million people are in poverty in the fifth richest country in the world. The government uses hunger as a weapon so people will take any job…Most expatriates come through family or work….now work has changed, it had been secure and paid for a decent life. Labor now can be turned off. (Now) all self-employed, all responsibility is on the worker.”

When a person in the audience disagreed saying Britain’s economy was at a high level, Mr. Loach replied in a gentle but firm manner, “Old industries are gone and there has been no investment - so - in a comradely fashion I must disagree.” However, he ended his talk with his feelings about his own work, filmmaking, “Films are more fun, the most wonderful medium. Everyday life is as funny as it is tragic.”