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Call Your Mother
by Karen Pecota

Filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady present in a short documentary film how miscommunications and mishaps happen when children and their moms relate to each other in Call Your Mother. It's often more comical than serious which could be the reason why the subject of mothers comes up frequently in stand-up comedy.

Ewing and Grady feel like "there's something undeniably funny about the dynamic between a mother and a child." It's common knowledge that moms have many idiosyncrasies and when we relate to those things with humor, we see our moms as a relatable and not simply a parental guide.

Awkwafina lost her mom when she was very young and shares the impact that her dad and grandparents had on molding her future.

Ewing and Grady celebrate moms in a delightful creative fashion in Call Your Mother showcasing several comedic celebrities talking about their moms. The creative switch is that they also feature the mothers and give them a platform to speak to what their child has shared with the world. A variety of conversations are shared about dreams, expectations, and how their mother-child relationships developed over time. And, well as the saying goes, "Apples don't fall to far from the trees", the same is true of where children often get their humor streak.

Ewing and Grady share a delightfully loving and funny narrative of the influence our family has on our destiny but more so on our personhood. Sharing laughter is a part of transparency that is worth paying forward.

Judith Gold said, "No one looks at you the way your mother does--her kindness, her humanity, her intelligence, her kookiness, etc. So, if she's alive maybe give your mom a call." Stevie Wonder also encourages us in his musical lyrics to take the time to reach out and express, "I just called to say I love you, I just called to say I really care..."