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The Black Veil
by Karen Pecota

The award-winning Qatari filmmaker, A.J.Al-Thani is the director and screenwriter of the short film The Black Veil. Al-Thani graduated from Northwestern University in communications and began her filmmaking career alongside Doha Film Institute when it was founded in 2010.

Al-Thani tells a very real narrative of what it's like for women who are oppressed within a marriage relationship and the struggle they find themselves in if they choose to escape.

Al-Thani uses her filmmaking expertise to create a compelling short story of a scary path toward freedom for a wife in distress. The road is a dangerous one that potentially can lead to death. The wife is willing to face danger to escape being held in a subservient relationship but is never sure if she will become a survivor. Every woman who attempts to escape has a detailed thought-out plan with the hope that she will be the survivor.

The Black Veil played in the TriBeCa Online Film Festival Library category called Without Borders.


Married to an older Qatari man we observe the process of his young wife (Sana Al-Habib) who puts her life at risk in order to find her freedom from her husband who is the cause of an oppressive marriage relationship.