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The Catch
by Karen Pecota

Thais Derassinower is a Los Angeles based Peruvian filmmaker with a passion to tell stories of female-driven narratives, as well as, an attempt to empower diversity on the screen.

Derassinower takes his story telling to an intense level as director of a short film narrative in The Catch. The film audience observes his passion for the female-driven storyline and how quickly he gets his point across but leaves you hanging.

A team of two trapeze artists face the most important performance of their career. They have worked so hard to get to the point where their talents could be recognized and propel them toward the very best of job security.

The team played by actors, Oscar Meza and Vania Accinelli, are married. Their unique dynamic as a real couple has the advantage of an undeniable trust in each other, both professionally and personally. This attribute is a must in order to perform at the highest level of precision in their profession.

Minutes before they are called on to execute a most dangerous act in their performance, a confession from one of the team members puts the trust that they have come to depend on at risk, as well as, their lives.