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by Karen Pecota

James Ponsoldt, USA 2022

Bleecker Street productions presents a girls’ version of STAND BY MEin their latest family film SUMMERING, under the direction of James Ponsoldt. A father of girls, Ponsoldt understands that girls at the coming-of-age stage in life have adventures just like boys their age but will often process an escapade differently. He notes that the female sensitivity, intellect and confidence to address difficult or strange situations, at a young age, can be an adventure to be admonished, as well as one with life-changing ramifications.

Ponsoldt uses the opportunity to address issues when four school girls encounter a dead body near their hallowed secret and sacred place they regularly visit during their last summer together before entering middle school in SUMMERING.


Four childhood friends participate in an uncanny experience during the last days of summer together before each embarks on the adventures of middle school. The mystery from these days-gone-by that the girls encounter comes to light when each reminisce years later as a time in their lives, though simple, disrupted an unimaginable stage of their innocence. At the time, the girls try to rely on their upbringings for emotional support and encouragement; but, are unprepared and unaware of how the act of truth telling would impact their futures.