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by Karen Pecota

Regan Linton, Brian Malone, USA 2021

Filmmakers Regan Linton and Brian Malone add to their directing talent ones of acting, editing, and composing. They keep a close eye on their story about artists who have a unique calling to the theatre, as each of the company's thespians performs and overcomes a personal disability. The range of disabilities is vast, just to name a few, from spinal cord injury to Parkinson's disease, or cerebral palsy to autism.

To put into perspective how IMPERFECT came to fruition here's a little background on a unique theatre company called Phamaly based out of Denver, Colorado. The name was formerly a synonym for Physically Handicapped Actors & Musical Artists League. Today it's known as Phamaly, as in "family." The theatre group was founded in 1989 by five people living with disabilities who wanted to show off their creative talents in spite of their various hindrances. And they wanted to form a theatre troupe that provided individuals like them with the opportunity to perform on a regular basis. Their efforts were not in vain, as Phamaly still exists today and is truly a success story, not only a thriving successful company.

Linton is a professional actress who was in an accident that confines her to a wheelchair. She was invited to direct the Phamaly's musical Chicago which she accepted with the stipulation that Malone co-direct with her. The rest is history!

Linton and Malone's documentary IMPERFECT shares, with honesty, the personal stories of the actors inside the production process, as well as their lives outside the theatre. We, the viewing audience, have the opportunity to shadow a very grueling but joyful journey as the chosen actors rehearse for the company's upcoming stage performance with the musical Chicago.

IMPERFECT goes behind the scenes to capture the Phamaly artists and their powerful work ethic to be the best thespians possible and to succeed as professional performers. No matter the cost to them, they are not deterred by the obstacles they must overcome. Linton and Malone give their all to bring credence to a unique world of thespians never to be overlooked.