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Review: A Little Prayer
by Karen Pecota

USA | 2022 Director/screenwriter: Angus MacLachlan

Patriarchal interference is a theme filmmaker Angus MacLachlan explores in his latest feature film A LITTLE PRAYER. The role of parenting extends far beyond childhood and adolescence. But, to what end do observations and advice of parents lend to the success and happiness of their adult children when relationships are severed? Let's face it, parenting is one of the hardest occupations known to man. More than not, parents need to step back on advice-giving in order to save or savor relationships with their children. On the other hand, at times, adult children need to listen to parental advice and ponder the impact because there are loved.

Parents in comparison to their children have lived longer, made more mistakes and hopefully have learned more life lessons in order to be a better person and a caring parent. Thus the reason why so many parents want to tell their adult children what to do, or how to live, but can't! Parents sincerely want to help their children avoid life's pitfalls they may one-day regret.

MacLachlan realized in writing this story that he no longer has the right to dictate the life of his adult daughter. It's her turn to makes life choices and then to learn. About his screenplay, MacLachlan writes, "It's a story about people around me when the push-pull of love, loyalties, secrets and eternal ties brings out one's humor, pathos and courage; parents take heed, and have the strength to let go, protect and love their children to the best of their ability."


Bill (David Strathairn) and Venida (Celia Weston) love their daughter-in law, Tammy (Jane Levy). Her kind and loving ways are heartwarming and unconditional.

Bill is retiring and handing over his business to his son, David (Will Pullen) but has reservations when he realizes that his son is having an affair with one of their employees, Narcedalia (Dascha Polanco). Bill is heartbroken of the news and sorely disappointed in his son. Bill must determine how to address the situation with all parties involved, to bring truth to light with integrity. As the patriarch of the family, how does he protect his daughter-in-law? What realities will surface putting their southern ways and family values to the test of their superficial good life?