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by Karen Pecota

USA | 2022 Directors: Molly Gordon & Nick Lieberman

The thespian duo Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman choose to showcase, as their directorial debut, a feature length film from the inspiration of a short film they helped to make, under the same name, in THEATER CAMP. The short film is a comedy written in 2020 by Ben Platt, Noah Galvin, Molly Gordon and Nick Lieberman about the ingenious ability embittered theater educators have to inspire a group of kids at a camp to learn their craft, in spite of their syndicalism about the process.

Gordon and Lieberman's feature film THEATER CAMP has a similar comedic tone but it's the dramatic storyline that propels the electrifying performances of an all-star cast. The surprise discovery is observed of the resilience children have to recover and then to learn under difficult circumstances when given a common goal. Gordon and Lieberman are proud to create a portrayal of, "Magical spaces that allow kids to be themselves and find their confidence." Often of what happens from camp life.

The Sundance Film Festival gave its audience of THEATER CAMP a memorable experience that was talked about for days of the performances in song by the film's cast ensemble. Later they win the festival's award in the US Dramatic Special Jury Award category for Best Ensemble.


Summer camp at “AdirondACTS” attracts kids from all over the country who are interested in becoming a true thespian. Located in upstate New York, this summer camp is the place to be for budding performers.

Just before the camp is to get underway, the invincible founder, Joan Rubinsky (Amy Sedaris) has an accident that puts her in a coma, leaving no alternative leader at the helm. Joan's son Troy (Jimmy Tatro) lands on the scene with no clue of the magnitude of influence his mother has created over the years. The knowledge of a financial ruin looming, Troy is keen to shut the whole operation down and call it a day.

The unique band of teachers encourage Troy give the camp one more chance to survive, in honor of his mother, and let the show go on for the opening night performance. It's an annual curtain rise that raises the funds to keep the THEATER CAMP afloat year after year.

How the eclectic team manages is a delightful comedy of errors. It will have you smiling every time you recall this hilarious narrative.