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by Karen Pecota

USA | 2022 Director/Writer: Camille Wormser

Filmmaker Camille Wormser has been a fan of comedy since childhood. Her forte is to make people smile and laugh. Her first clue of her talent appeared when she was in second grade doing an impression of her parents fighting over child custody. Her parents were thrown off guard, taken aback and burst out laughing!

Wormser has the knack to help one out of a difficult moment and turn it toward laughable, or at the very least, help to bring forth on a lighter perspective. Difficulties can become manageable. Heartache can turn heartfelt. She prefers storytelling that encompass those who feel alone in the world and helps to identify what alone means to them and what it looks like in their world.

Wormser's short film JUST RIGHT is about a young woman who has OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). She explains, "Most people have been taught that OCD is just about being clean and organized. I have severe OCD and I'm messy, so this is not always the correct diagnosis." Wormser chooses to look at her diagnosis using comedy to explain a variety of circumstances and says, "As a neurodivergent comedian, I have seen firsthand how comedy has helped me and others cope in life. I want to change the way we portray disability through creating warm offbeat female roles." Adding, "I want to break the stigma around mental health because I feel that there is humor in, what at times is, the most challenging part of us."


Mel (Camille Wormser) wakes from a dream where she is running down the street in a duck costume. Perplexed by the meaning she decides that a change is needed in her daily to routine. Her roommate Kyle (Jake Dvorsky) is going out with friends and asks to tag along. Kyle knows that Mel, who has OCD, needs to follow a certain daily routine because her existence depends on it. Kyle invites her but gives an ultimatum. She must be ready by 1:00 pm and if she is not able to meet him at that time, he will leave without her. Mel accepts the deadline. Her race against the clock begins. Mel takes the film audience on a heart wrenching journey where every decision that morning, to her, feels like life or death due to the change-up in her daily routine.