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by Karen Pecota

USA | 2022 Director: Christine Fugate

Unstoppable is Moorea "Moe" Howson, in spite of being diagnosed from birth with a genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome. Filmmaker Christine Fugate directs a delightful documentary short sharing Howson's remarkable story that will make one smile in QUEEN MOOREA.

Filmed over a six-year period, Fugate follows Moorea after she is honored by her high school classmates and crowned homecoming queen in her senior year of high school. Moorea's journey this far is truly remarkable and incredibly endearing.

Fugate first explains the disability Moorea was born with and incorporates interviews with family, medical professionals and friends to bring full-circle the challenges Moorea faces on a daily basis. Fugate notes, "The Williams Syndrome has not had too much press prior to QUEEN MOOREA aside from a film called EMBRACEABLE that concentrates on interviews with young people who deal with the syndrome."

Fugate explains, "The Williams Syndrome is an incurable disease that causes cardiovascular issues, developmental delays, and learning challenges. The disease carries the risk of dying young, but that scenario doesn't stop Moorea from living life her way--to make others happy."

Moorea is a beautiful young woman with a lovely, energetic and positive outlook on life that is attractive. She constantly draws people into her circle of influence. Moorea desires to live a "normal" life, so this is the focus of Fugate's narrative.

Moorea wants to be a cardiologist. Not surprising because the study of the heart, its abnormalities and the treatment thereof, is something she is familiar with as she needs to daily manage her high blood pressure to avoid heart disease. Moorea worked in a nursing care facility prior to COVID and loved this job because it suited her skills perfectly. Moorea has a boyfriend, Jordan, who has autism. She hopes to marry someday. Moorea competes in the Special Olympics. Moorea attends a vocational school. Moorea continues to be challenged by her disabilities, but she lives a life that is truly unstoppable.