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by Karen Pecota

USA | 2022 Director: Sophia Peer

A pilot in the Slamdance Film Festival Episodic category with WHO'S ANNIE?, is created and directed by a New York native filmmaker Sophia Peer. The series will feature the true events in the real-life actress, Annie Pisapia. Peer explains, "Annie is a New Yorker in her 50s starting her acting career after surviving abuse, addiction and incarceration." Annie has been seen in several modern TV shows with non-speaking roles.

Impressed after meeting Annie and listening to her story, Peer knew Annie was ready for major acting roles and wanted to support her. Peer notes, "Annie has come out on the other side of some of the hardest hits, life can serve, with the determination and optimism to do whatever it takes to thrive."

Peer has been scripting stories since childhood and says, "I found Annie's confidence and tenacity inspiring and thought about my own unreached goals as a filmmaker. I decided to create a scripted series in which Annie would have the opportunity to both play all the roles she wasn't getting, and represent herself in her own life story."

Peer presents a delightful pilot in WHO'S ANNIE? that will have one anticipating with curiosity each and every episode. Peer describes the pilot as a show within a show.


Annie Pisapia, 50s something female who grew up in Queens has lived a hard-knocks life. Recently released from prison, Annie is ready to get back to her first love as an actor. Fortunately, Annie is cast in background roles and looks forward to more auditions, in pursuit of speaking roles. Annie meets Sophia who has landed on hard times as a film director. Sophia sees potential in the talented Annie; but, also feels that there in an opportunity for her filmmaking career to be redeemed and get back on track by assisting Annie.

Sophia creates an episodic series to feature Annie on the premise of getting her acting career off and running, but the two don't necessarily see eye-to-eye. Their journey together is a comedy of errors, with several disagreements, and misunderstandings, including the need to address Annie's old habits. Nonetheless, Sophia and Annie find ground to collaborate and together jump over every imaginable hurdle they face, in order for each, to accomplish her dream.