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Children's Filmfest Hamburg - Film Review: Die Gang
by Becky Tan

This 45-minute, made-for-TV movie is part of the children’s series In this episode, Amèlie and Coco must cope with bullying at school and search for a friend who has disappeared. In their investigations, in spite of no help from the friend’s parents, the discover that their friend was a victim of bullying and has taken refuge in a boathouse (which will be familiar to Hamburgers in the Eppendorf area). They collect evidence and finally confront the culprits dramatically during a school play, by pointing them out in the audience. This courageous act emboldens the younger students likewise to stand up and give witness. The police arrive. This is an excellent film with a message. On the lighter side, I loved comparing the bedrooms of the three girls in the film, each unique to the personality of its owner. All the wonderful child actors attended the premiere at the Filmfest and the producers answered questions. One actor, David Berton, made a special impression, in spite of having a smaller role. Of French heritage, 16-year-old David grew up in Hamburg and appeared in films such as Die Pfefferkörner and Schutzengel. Watch for him in a major role in the upcoming Die Rote Zora.