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FilmTalk Hamburg
by Nancy Tilitz

(This year renamed Studio Hamburg FilmTalk, indicating Studio Hamburg’s sponsorship.)

As my favorite event of the FFHH, FilmTalk supplies a cozy place to relax, listen to the artists speak about their films outside the bustle/hustle of the festival itself. The Fainarus are masters at putting people at ease, while contributing an occasional provocative perspective to keep the discussion lively. I tried to record some of the conversation while drawing each night to add another aspect to the sketches that were displayed on the festival kiosk daily (see kiosk photo). Copies were given to the participants. In my opinion, it is preferred but not necessary to see the respective films before the discussion to enjoy the FilmTalk. Each evening’s topic was the springboard to hear the various directors talk about their films, revealing their approach and philosophies to filmmaking. Their words, captured sometimes imperceptibly on the drawings, are also printed

The brochure for this event was all in English, as were all but one of the talks, making it very accessible. However, there seems to be a trend at the FFHH events (i.e. opening night,, awards night.…) for the speakers to do it in German, even though this is an international festival, which is a bit disappointing and my main criticism.