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Festival Quotes
by the KinoCritics

If you don’t want to use the pain, be a bank clerk instead of an actor. (Performance)

If you go to bed with babies, you wake up with kaka (The Hebrew Lesson)

This is their (Americans’) idea of freedom - putting together menus with 1000 choices. (Eastern Promises)

Human rights problems are an indication of worse problems to come. (Eric Goldstein, Human Rights Watch, Washington, D.C.)

Do we need a war to make good films? (Dan Fainaru, moderator at Filmtalk)

Forgiveness is more important to the person doing the forgiving, than to the person being forgiven. (Charles Oliver, director of Take)

The camera is a kind of shield with which one can ward off unpleasantness. (Seven Containers and a Corpse)

I thought God Grew Tired of us (God Grew Tired of Us)

I’m a serial killer. They look normal. (The Hebrew Lesson)