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Critics' Choices
by the KinoCritics

Kirstan Böttger (KB)
Loved: Forfeit, Eastern Promises, and Afghan Muscles
Not a favorite: How Much Further

Jenny Mather (JM)
Loved: Atonement
Not a favorite: Blue Eyelids

Shelly Schoeneshoefer (SS)
Loved: Empties, Seven Dumpsters and a Corpse, Parents, Little Girl Blue
Not a favorite: A School-Girl’s Diary

Birgit Schrumpf (BS)
Loved: Persepolis, My Father my Lord, Vienna’s Lost Daughters, BlindMountain
Not a favourite: Blue Eylids, A School Girl’s Diaries

Becky Tan (BT)
Loved: Control, A Hebrew Lesson, and Screamers
Not a favorite: A School Girl’s Diaries

Nancy Tilitz (NT) e
Loved: Hula Girls and The Rebirth
Not a favorite: Immer Nie am Meer (but might have liked it better in English)

Mary Wienke (MW)
Loved: God Grew Tired of Us

Not a favorite: Blue Eyelid