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Highlights and Lowlights of Filmfest Hamburg 2008
by Jenny Mather

I found myself, enjoying this year’s FilmFest more than the last couple or so. The movies I watched almost all made me confront problems which I have pushed into the back of my mind. The directors of many of the films I saw wanted the audience to reflect and consider as well as enjoy and they succeeded very well in my opinion


The FilmFest was well organised: the meeting point with its sofas and side tables was much appreciated: serving lunch on Saturday and Sunday was a kind gesture. Having the children’s FilmFest running at the same time and in the same building was a good idea. There seemed to be lots of lively activities on offer for young participants. The FilmFest organisers were friendly, helpful and looked as if they were glad to be there. There was a wide variety of interesting films to choose from.


- Bonjour Sagan did not have English subtitles.
- Realising that, apart from university professors in Connecticut (The Visitor), people throughout the world live in hovels.
- Learning that a child in present day Cairo suffers from the effects of uranium radiation caused by inhuman acts carried out years before she was born.
- Admitting to oneself that illegal immigrants have human faces too, but still feeling powerless to help them overcome their situation.