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- German television is in the hands of just a few influential people. German viewers want a script so simple that they can come into the middle of a story and still know what’s going on.
(From a panel discussion on the “Doris Heinze case” in which an influential media employee sold scripts written by herself and her husband to the media under an assumed name. This created a scandal in Hamburg’s media community and she was fired.)

- A journey is the right time for memoirs, especially a journey by water. The most important part of cinema is that it’s dark: lights are out in the cinema. Poets always come back either in the flesh or on paper.
(From Room and a Half by Andrey Khrzhanovsky, Russia)

- Let’s go with the Eastern Rock in the People’s Block. We are listening to what you play, although we might all get locked away.
(From the musical film Made in Hungaria byGergely Fonyo, Hungary)

- We are expanding Hamburg’s Hafencity right up to Hauptbahnhof and soon nobody will be able to afford any rent or real estate in Hamburg.
(From Claudia Willke, director of Kaiserkai)

- The German press teases politician Guido Westerwelle about his poor English by calling him Mr. Westernwave. In that respect Albert Wiederspiel (whose English is just fine) would be Mr. Replay – an appropriate name for the head of a film festival.

- The Filmfest is the perfect holiday. For very little money, you can be transported around the world for a whole week.
(Nancy T.)