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Book Meets Film Recap
by the KinoCritics

The seventh Michel Kinder and Jugend Filmfest presented eight films:

Eli and Ben
Ori Ravid, Israel
**** (SS) for nine years and older

Ravi Bharwani/Rayya Makarim/Orlow Seunke, Indonesia/ Holland
*** (MH) **** (BS) **** (BT)  for 11 years and older

Leuchtende Sterne (I taket lyser stjarnorna)
Lisa Siwe, Sweden
**** (SS) 13 years and older

Niko and the Way to the Stars
Karl Juusonen/Michael Hegner, Finland/ Germany/Denmark/Ireland
**** (BT) for five years and older

The Balcony (Balkonas)
Giedre Beinoriute/Lithuania
*** (SS) for six years and older

Lippels Traum (Lippel’s Dream)
Lars Büchel, Germany
For six years and older

Mia and le Migou
Jacques-Remy Girerd, France/Italy
For six years and older

Ingrid Veninger/Simon Reynolds, Canada
For 11 years and older