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by Karen Pecota

Chosen to showcase up-and-coming creative talent at the Sundance Film Festival 2010 Frontier on Main Venue was actor and entrepreneur, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now into their fifth year, his company called Hit Record held a hands-on lab exhibit for the duration of the festival. Gordon-Levitt and his company base players: producer – Jared Geller, art director – Marke Johnson, and chief technical officer – Mike Everett, together founded a collaborative production company called In 2010 they evolved into a full-fledged professional collaborative production company and on New Year’s Day they released a video called THE NEW DEAL that explains how you and I can be involved.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known in the film industry decided to bring a new idea into the typical production company arena. Gordon-Levitt describes, “Instead of doing it the old-fashion way where it is just me and people that I might know through the industry, I decided to open it up and allow anyone in the world to come and collaborate with me.” The hands-on laboratory experimented all week long at the festival and produced a pretty cool collaborative film. You can visit their website to check it out,

Joseph Gordon-Levitt says, “In a nutshell, we create and develop art and media together here on our site; we use my position in the traditional entertainment industry to turn that creativity into money-making productions; and then we share any profits with the contributing artists. We just have fun making videos, writing, photography, music, anything together and we call them all RECords.”