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New Frontier on Main Featured Artists
by the KinoCritics

Tracey SnellingBordertown – structured replica of a town on the border of the U.S. and Mexico creating the drama of life that exists

Eric GradmanCloud Mirror – connects online social network to the human realm

Jens Frank and Thomas GlaeserThe Earthwalk – surf the globe using Google Earth with your feet

Ragnar KjartanssonThe End – combines soulful surround sound music concert from five different majestic mountain locations

Michael Joaquin GreyThe Works of Michael Joaquin Grey – connecting relationships of development and growth using body signals, sound and various media

Joseph – the use of media, social networking and art to produce creative multimedia works

Matthew MooreLifecycles – creation to reconnect consumers to geography and life cycles of the Earth’s produce

Pipilotti RistArtist Spotlight: Lobe of Lung – film that allows you to lounge inside her film merging fantasy with reality

Gina Czarneckithe works of Gina Czarnecki – a craft of digital meditation on the human form in motion with biotechnology, computer programmers, dancers and sound artists

Petko DourmanaPost Global Warming Survival Kit – exploration of a post apocalyptic landscape wearing night vision head gear