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1981 (Film review - childrens film)
by Jenny Mather

When Ricardo (Jean-Carl Boucher) is eleven his parents want to better themselves and buy a house, which they can ill afford. Ricardo’s father grew up in Italy during the war, emigrated to Canada and earns a living playing the accordion in the local mall. His mum works long, hard hours as a waitress.

Ricardo’s school friends are wealthy and Ricardo demands to have the same toys which they all have. Eventually his mum rows with her spoiled son and tells him how difficult it is for them to remain financially stable. They will have to sell the house and move to a smaller one. Ricardo and his friends bare their hearts to each other when out bike riding, and his family puts the house on the market.

There was nothing new in this movie, directed by Ricardo Trogi in his third feature film.  A man looking back on a year in his life as a child is a scenario often used in TV sitcoms. Everyday life is not always worthy of the big screen.