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by Mary Nyiri

Those of us who enjoy the outdoors can get a bit down as the end of summer approaches, even after a particularly cool and wet one. There is in Hamburg, however, something to look forward to and that is the annual Filmfest Hamburg. This year I was pleased to receive an email from Louise Luckert, head of accreditation, quite early on August 17th, reminding me of the dates of the festival and providing a link to where I could sign up for my accreditation. It was so simple to click on the link, fill out the form online and send it. I received an immediate confirmation and instructions on how to pick up my press badge and packet.

The terrific service did not end there. Over the next few weeks before Filmfest Hamburg began on September 30th, I received emails about various events such as the opening of the Michel Kinder und Jugendfilmfest which is always a part of Filmfest Hamburg. Details of the film and who would be attending, which for Tom Sawyer was the director Hermine Huntgeburth, were provided. Lists of who would be coming to Hamburg with their films and walking the red carpet for film premieres came well in advance to help with planning. Finally, the press screening schedule was also sent by email even before the official Filmfest Hamburg press conference. Add to that the wealth of information provided online at and this was truly the best organized festival in the more than ten years that I have been attending. Congratulations to the entire Filmfest Hamburg team for outstanding work.