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Julia & Moe - The Festival Blog
by Becky Tan

Each year a team from the Medienakademie Hamburg creates a Filmfest blog. This year, two very cute young students, Julia & Moe presented film news every day. They were supported by a director and camera men in red t-shirts. I suspect that their conversations, which came across as spontaneous, were very well scripted before filming began. They interviewed film makers such as Bernd Volkens from Vom Kiez zum Kap. See also, their excellent special interview with cast and director from The Help. They talked with Filmfest head, Albert Wiederspiel, who said, “Music is important. It’s the music that stirs the emotions and brings a tear to your eye.” Often they reported from locations similar to those in the films they discussed. If I tell you that they were in front of the Rathaus, on a farm, in Michelle Records near Gerhardt Hauptmann Platz, at the Hamburger Abendblatt printing press, at Hanöfersand prison for juvenile delinquents, or the St. Pauli soccer stadium, you could probably tell me which films they discussed. They rated the films from 1-10 and both gave a full ten points to The Help and King of Devil’s Island and were least enthusiastic about Terri.

Die Medienakademie in Hamburg is located on Studio Hamburg grounds. In two to four semesters one can study photography, editing, and directing, as well as television production, sport journalism, and media acting. See Julia & Moe’s blogs on or, as well as YouTube and Facebook.