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Project Imagin8ion: Truly a Team Effort
by Karen Pecota

CANON, Inc. and filmmaker/actor, Ron Howard collaborated on a short feature film that was made from eight still photographs. Hmmm! An Interesting concept but how did this transpire? To begin with, the eight stills represented one of these topics: setting, time, character, mood, relationship, goal, obstacle, and unknown. The eight stills (for the finalists go to website: Project Imagin8ion) were winners from an online photography contest Howard and his team put together. He says, “We’re all creative and we are making a film inspired by your photos. What will you inspire?” Howard is all about giving back to the community.

Howard’s plan consisted of using artists of photography (like you and me) to submit their creative work in hopes for a win of their (our) photography would be used in a short film. That alone would be the ultimate prize, right? Right! Everyone likes a little notoriety for their art. The online contest lasted for a few weeks allowing people to submit different still shots in a variety of categories. One winner for each category was selected. The eight winning photography stills were handed off to a screenwriter for the short film narrative. Once the narrative was complete, the cast and crew were assigned and the filming began. Howard invited his daughter, filmmaker Bryce Dallas Howard to direct the piece. Her expertise in filming and acting was invaluable to the project. The film, when you find me, was exceptionally made. Once the concept is understood the reality of this film is truly a piece of art.

This remarkable first time endeavor created so much buzz and success that the second Project Imaginat10on is underway to be completed at the end of 2012. A debut waits in 2013, along with another tour showing off the Imaginat10on creativity from people around the world.

I was privileged to submit some of my photography for the second project and though my submissions were not selected this time around I will not give up. The opportunity to submit my photography to this contest is thrilling. It’s a great opportunity to observe and learn from others while I work on my creative abilities and talents with visual images.