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Standing Ovation Cannes Film Festival 2013
by Karen Pecota

Moderator for the Sundance Film Festival opening press conference, Sean P. Means, movie critic and journalist for The Salt Lake City Tribune comments to festival founder Robert  Redford, “You received a standing ovation for your film All is Lost from director J.C. Chandor, at the past Cannes Film Festival. First of all, Congratulations! Press audience applauses Redford and he thanks them.

Means asks Redford was going through his head at the time. Redford smiles. "What's important to me is the work I do." He continues, "It's not about the outcome or the award, or no award. If I think about outcomes, I begin to think about expectations and expectations are dangerous. I prefer to concentrate on my work."

Then Redford adds, "I had no clue how the film--All is Lost would be received. I knew audiences seriously do jeer at Cannes films if they find them unsatisfactory." He shares, "Oh! That would be uncomfortable sitting in the theater in a tuxedo listening to people Boo your work."

Redford, in deep thought, says, "The film was hard for me to watch because it was a very physical film to make, and it felt like I had to go through the difficulties of the work itself all over again." He recalls when the film ended and the house lights started to rise, "I knew the reaction could go either way." Redford smiles again and says, "The immediate applause and the standing ovation was overwhelming. Humbling! I was so thrilled that I didn't know what to do. I was absolutely stoked!"

Sweet, soft jubilant comments from the press audience emerged out loud in reaction to his Cannes experience followed by another round of applause for Redford's work.