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On Your Radar: Film Review MITT
by Karen Pecota

A candidate running for the presidency is the subject that documentary filmmaker Greg Whiteley chooses for his film project MITT. The famed subject is the former governor and a republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney.

It's storytelling about the little things that Whiteley captures about Mitt and the Romney clan that endears anyone with a heart. MITT is a version made up of smaller moments.  Whiteley features a man of integrity, handsome and classy but touchable by visualizing moments of Romney's shear humanity in scenes such as 1) Mitt's first debate slogan that carries his hopes: Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose, 2) Excerpts from the black-tie, Al Smith Foundation dinner as Mitt jokes that he and Ann, his wife, were happy to be able to relax at the event in their wardrobe worn typically around the house, 3) The time Mitt irons his tuxedo shirt while he has it on, 4) Shots of the heartbreaking build-up to a Presidential concession speech in 2012. Whitely's truth telling narrative humbles us and give permission for our tears to flow because the human emotions are powerful and define character.

Whiteley portrays an intimate look at a former Governor's quest for Presidency. "It's my version of a candid, deeply personal exploration of one man and his family as they experience the highs and lows of two bids for the presidency."

Netflix VP of Original Documentary and Comedy, Lisa Nishimura, could not be more proud of the seven-year long labor of love from filmmaker Greg Whiteley known as MITT. "This rare inside-look at Mitt Romney and his family as he runs for president showcases a unique kind of storytelling." She continues, "One which takes the viewer well beyond the politics. Greg Whiteley's MITT provides viewers a surprising level of access into a fascinating world."

"It feels like a full circle moment to premiere this movie at Sundance," said filmmaker, Greg Whiteley. "I first met and filmed the Romney family in Park City in 2006 as they gathered to discuss whether Mitt should run for President. Over the next seven years I couldn't believe I was filming inside rooms and situations I had no business being in. Now that I've finished I couldn't be more pleased to share this experience with audiences around the world through Netflix."

Netflix, the world's leading Internet television network with over 40 million members, joined the film festival stage at Sundance 2014 to debut their acquired documentary MITT from filmmaker, Greg Whiteley. The first screening will showcase at the Festival's Salt Lake City Gala on Friday, January 17th. Following the premiere and the film's Sundance Film Festival screenings, MITT will be available to stream online in all territories where Netflix is available starting January 24, 2014. Not matter your political preference MITT will help you see an incredible 'man behind the mirror.”