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On Your Radar: Men Go to Battle
by Kathryn Loggins

Directed by Zachary Treitz

Zachary Treitz in his directorial debut earned the prize for Best New Narrative Director at the festival this year. The story is one of two brothers desperately trying to maintain their farm during the American Civil War in Kentucky. The brothers are distinctly different in personality, but share a deep brotherly love for each other. After their personalities clash one too many times, however, each brother is left to deal with the struggles of manhood and war on his own.

This film is a quiet, but poignant portrayal of two people, who struggle to find meaning in their lives amidst a world filled with turmoil. Treitz lets his characters come alive on screen, while keeping the tone grounded and realistic. The production design is striking in its minimalism and gives the whole film an authentic feel.  While the pace of the film is a bit slow, the nuanced performances and beauty of the cinematography keep the audience engaged in the journey of its two characters.