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Those Who Fall Have Wings
by Mary Nyiri

Directed by: Peter Brunner, Austria

Fifteen-year-old Kati (Jana McKinnon) and her  grandma (Renate Hild) obviously love each other very much. But grandma is  dying. She gives Katie meaningful advice about remembering the good times and  being sure to say good-bye. This is the good part. But Katie has nightmares  about a super-fit naked black man (Christos Haas); pigs in a barn; waking up in  a dirty pig stall covered in blood, beaten but clothed. This part is some kind  of inexplicable nonsense. Then after grandma dies, Kati locks her cute toddler  sister Pia inside an abandoned metal container. We never see Pia again.  Although the discussions about death and dying between Kati and grandma were  heartfelt and interesting, the rest of the film left much to be desired.