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by Shelly Schoeneshoefer

Aline Fischer, Germany

Mohammad escapes the war in Lebanon. He thinks  he has found a safe haven with his older brother in Germany. Unfortunately his  world has been turned upside-down and things are not as they should be. His  brother is too unreliable and is suffering elevated highs and then falling deep  into dark depressions. That sets him off in search of a male role model as  mentor in this new and strange world. He starts with something that he likes to  do which are motorcycles. As an apprentice motor mechanic, he joins a garage  with a tough, tight gang who doesn’t entirely accept him. Although the boss  likes him and tells him heroic stories of the foreign legion, there is always a  feeling of mistrust among his colleagues.Director Aline Fischer‘s background in  political science and sociology come through, as she takes the  ever-present  theme of a refugee in  distress and combines it with the universal search for the heroic archetype:  What does it mean to be a man? How can he be a hero in a foreign land? Who is  able to play the role of his mentor? And does he even have a chance? This film  asks many questions which might be helpful hints to us, the viewer, living here  in Germany, to see into the eyes of refugees and understand the plight of two  worlds that are clashing together and not always with positive results.